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Certificate of Merit awarded by Senator Bill Weber

Senator Weber's letter includes the following:

I am impressed by your concern for water conservation and the issue of plastic waste, and how you managed to funnel your passion for these issues into a solution that many can benefit from. You should be applauded for your diligence and initiative in the successful execution of your ideas and plans.

It is inspiring to see someone that is still so young, so filled with the desire to make a positive impact on the world. We need young adults like you to think, and to dream and to put their goals and dreams into action, because that is how we can overcome the inevitable challenges that will continue to unfold in this world. Positive change starts with individuals like you, that care enough to try to make an impact- one step at a time.

Congratulations on your successful water conservation program. I wish you continued success in your academic career and personal endeavors.

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